Live your life to the fullest in the E‑Z‑GO® Express™ S4. The maintenance-free ELiTE lithium battery pack is now customizable to your needs with the all-new 2.2 single, 4.2 twin, or 6.2 triple battery packs, furthering range and dependability. Live out the elevated experience of the Express S4 with an improved front suspension on ELiTE vehicles, for enhanced drivability and maneuverability. Continue to stand out from the crowd with your Express S4.

America’s Favorite Golf Cart

Our technology has been proven to be so reliable that we can offer an unprecedented battery warranty.

8 years of coverage.
Covers more amp hours than competitors.

E‑Z‑GO’s ELiTE Lithium vehicles utilize trusted and reliable Samsung SDI lithium batteries and an advanced Battery Management System that makes these vehicles completely worry-free.

Get unbeatable performance from your ELiTE lithium vehicles for its entire life.
Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, no terminal post cleaning, no watering, no problems.
Leave it for winter with easy storage steps.

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