This is the ride you deserve. E‑Z‑GO® ELiTE™ Lithium Series vehicles are powered by zero-maintenance Samsung SDI lithium batteries and backed by the best warranty available. Proven by more than 25 million hours of drive time, no other golf cart offers the performance, efficiency and experience of an ELiTE vehicle. Discover why it’s America’s best and most-loved golf cart.

Our technology has been proven to be so reliable that we can offer an unprecedented battery warranty.

• 8 years of coverage.

• Covers more amp hours than competitors.

The ELiTE Series utilizes trusted and reliable Samsung SDI lithium batteries and an advanced Battery Management System that makes these vehicles completely worry-free.

• Get unbeatable performance from your ELiTE for its entire life.

• Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, no terminal post cleaning, no watering, no problems.

• Leave it for winter with easy storage steps.

ELiTE Series vehicles are more efficient than any other golf carts. Get behind the wheel and you’ll have the power to propel your next adventure even farther.

• Consistent power no matter your battery’s level of charge.

• Long-lasting power that lets you drive with confidence.

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